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ASCEplus Exobalm - Likha

ASCEplus Exobalm

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ASCEplus ExoBalm is powered by 2.5 billion exosomes, 5 growth factors, 6 peptides, NAD+, tranexamic acid and glutathione for skin rejuvenation and skin brightening.

ASCEplus ExoBalm is a revolutionary post procedure care for rapid healing of the skin after laser resurfacing, Microneedling RF, Nitrogen Gas Plasma and post plastic surgery. ASCEplus ExoBalm can also be used as an intensive at home treatment for face and eyes rejuvenation.

How this works

EXOBALM’s unique EXO CAPSULE mixed formula significantly improves the damaged skin and reduces downtime with long-lasting healing effects after a variety of dermatological treatments. Includes:

EXO Capsule (20mg)

  • Lyophilized exosome powder capsule
  • Regeneration & anti-inflammation


W-Formula (20ml)

  • A balm solution optiomized for soothing, moisturizing, regeneration and anti-pigmentation.

Once prepared, the solution shall be kept  in the fridge within 2-8 degree Celsius and to be used within 21 days. 


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