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Reservation & Cancellation Policy

As Likha Aesthetic Clinic provides a one to one service by Dr. Juliah Tbarani O’Shea, we encounter a lot of interest in our services. This however, can lead to unacceptable waiting list for appointments at our private clinic.

We have also experienced an increase in ‘Did-Not-Attend’ for appointments which have adverse knock-on effect of increasing waiting time for other benefiting patients. In the interests of all patients, we have to be “strict” with our Reservation & Cancellation Policy. Our policy is as follows:

• All appointments require a credit card booking deposit, or payment in full, to confirm the reservation.

• Appointments may safely be cancelled up to 24 hours to the scheduled appointment with no cancellation fee applied.

If you cancel your appointment within less that 24 hours, or do not show up at all, the credit card used to guarantee the reservation will be charged € 60 ~ the booking fee.


Refund policy

We aspire to provide the highest standards of treatment and aftercare. We work with our patients on one to one basis prior, during and after any treatment to ensure patient satisfaction. We provide round the clock post treatment support to all our patients. In the unfortunate event that you are not happy with the outcome of your treatment we will endeavour to correct the treatment to meet your expectation by whatever means possible to us at clinic.

Unfortunately due to the high cost factor involved in aesthetic material used, no refund of monies can be given once the treatment had been ordered or administered.

Our policy stated here meets the recommendation standard set by the Irish Medical Council and the Royal College of Surgeons of Irelands for private clinics.


Price Guide

Likha Aesthetic Clinic reserves the right to change, modify, stop any of these sales conditions such as Prices, Discounts, Incentives, Expiry etc. without any prior notice.

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