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Celltweet Ex Signal Control Face Mask

€185 (10 masks)

The complete product line from Celltweet is suitable for all skin types, working to transform skin issues including eczema, rosacea, pigmentation and heightened skin sensitivity.

With each product carefully designed using Rose Stem Cell exosomes also, growth factors, peptides, triple molecular weight hyaluronic acid and other actives to rehabilitate, protect, and illuminate the skin.

How this works

This mask is creamy in texture, these ultra-fine fibre sheet masks were designed with a unique transdermal delivery system to improve absorption into the skin.

Perfect for soothing aggravated, problem prone or greatly sensitive skin conditions, the sheet mask contains over 1,000ppm ExoSCRT exosomes manufactured by ExoCobio, offering a plumping effect to relieve even the most sensitive of skin whilst also leaving the face looking refreshed and plush.

Size: 28g (10 masks)

Key Ingredients: Aquaxyl, ASC-EXOSOME™ (1,000 PPM), Ceramide NP, Panthenol

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“Creme de le creme” of my daily skin routine.

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Celltweet Sunshine Cushion With SPF 50+ and PA +++ harnesses hybrid UV technology derived from organic and inorganic UV blocking agents, with a sheer textured application and fast absorption, working to leave the skin looking fresh whilst maintaining vital protection from sun exposure.

Celltweet Firming Moisturiser

reated to dramatically increase skin elasticity thanks to the including of over 10,000ppm ExoSCRT exosomes, triple molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid, 3 types of peptides and white tree mushroom extract.

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