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Fiber Lift Skin Tightening

FROM €2,000

Fiber Lift Skin Tightening

FiberLift is a new cutting edge minimally invasive laser procedure that offers an amazing alternative to surgical facelifts and/or liposuction. More cost effective & No downtime.


What is Fiber Lift?

Results are not only immediate but continue to improve for several months following the procedure, as additional collagen builds in the deeper layers of the skin.

Originally designed as technology for contouring the middle and lower face without surgery it is now recommended for scars, defining the chin line, lower eye bags, tightening the jaw and neck area, as well as the body including the abdomen, thighs, saggy elbows, and knees. FiberLift can also treat stubborn skin and fat accumulations in other areas of the body, which cannot be addressed with either diet or exercise as well as be used to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

FiberLift offers all the benefits of a surgical facelift but a significantly lower cost, no downtime or pain. Results are both immediate and long-term as the treated area will continue to improve for several months following the procedure as additional collagen builds in the deeper layers of the skin. One treatment is sufficient to benefit from results that will last years. For those that have been troubled by hard to lose fat or sagging skin on your face or body but not been keen to have the pain, scarring and downtime associated with traditional invasive alternatives, FiberLift is the perfect new treatment for you.

Right-untreated. left-treated

Fiber Lift Before 1

Right-severe skin laxity. Left-lifted & tighter

Fiber Lift After 1

I would definitely recommend this treatment and as there is no downtime. . Dr Juliah has done amazing work. Problem is now I’m going to want my whole body done. Dr Juliah you are the best!

❤️ KM - Dublin, Ireland


Fiber Lift Before 2

After - Face, neck & chin treatment.

It depends on how many parts of the face or body are to be treated. A full face 3- areas take approximately 60 minutes including time for the anaesthetic to activate. No recovery time is required, so it is possible to return to normal activities within a few hours.

FiberLift uses hair-thin laser optical fibres, which can be inserted with only a small puncture. There is no need for general anaesthetic or sutures, although most patients request a local anaesthetic to minimise discomfort. The treated areas may appear red and swell slightly shortly after the treatment, but this does not usually last more than a few hours. Patients can leave the clinic shortly after with little discomfort.

In a super majority of the cases, just one. In case of incomplete results, it can be repeated for a second time within the first 2 months.

Results are both immediate and long-term. Immediate results are seen as a result of the emulsification of fat cells reducing skin laxity while the treated areas will continue to improve for several months following the procedure as additional collagen builds in the deeper layers of the skin. The “best” results will come around the 6-month mark.

The results of the FiberLift treatment are expected to last between 2-3 years, some doctors report results after 8 years, but current state of health, and gender are some of the factors that can impact the outcome.

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