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Hair Loss Treatment

Newest & 1st ever ROSE Stem Cells derived EXOSOME

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration & Scalp treatment

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What is an ASCE + Exosome?


ASCE + Exosomes are derived from Rose stem cells for the treatment of a patient’s hair loss or thinning. They work like paracrine effectors, where they signal or stimulate nearby cells. This stimulating effect on cells and tissues is due to biochemical stimulating contents being transferred from one cell to the next.

These messengers are known as microvesicles and exosomes, collectively referred to as extracellular vesicles (EVs). Exosomes don’t contain any nucleus or DNA and are about 1000 times smaller than regular cells. They are 30-100 nanometer tiny nanoparticles involved in intercellular signaling and cell-to-cell communication.

They’re secreted by most body cell types and contain both microRNA (miRNA) and messenger RNA (mRNA).


exo - case 2 - hair before

6 Weeks Later

exo - case 2 - hair before

What are Exosomes for Hair Loss?


Exosomes for hair restoration have just recently been researched. It wasn’t until 2019 that researchers and doctors decided this treatment had huge potential. Numerous new applications may appear with further clinical trials.



Hair Treatment - Before


Hair Treatment - After

How Exosome Therapy Differs From PRP Injections


Where Does It Come From?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) treatment uses a person’s own blood which is then prepared to get the platelet-rich concentrate that contains the growth factors.



The effectiveness of the treatment relies greatly on the concentration of the platelets in the patient’s blood. If a patient is unhealthy or has blood-related conditions, the quality of the PRP injections may be affected.


Side Effects

PRP may cause injection site pain, scalp tenderness, itching, and minor irritation. It may also cause swelling and inflammation. Therefore downtime is more likely post PRP treatments.


Where Does It Come From?

It’s lab-derived and doesn’t require any blood drawn from the patient. They’re prepared from ~ROSE stem cells (ASCE+) and they already come in vials that are ready to be applied to the scalp using MTS.



Unlike PRP serum, the quality of the exosome therapy isn’t affected by the patient’s health, blood volume, or age. During the preparation process, it’s purified to ensure a high concentration of growth factors for treatment success.

Side Effects

Exosome treatment delivered by MTS may also cause pain at the treated area. However, it won’t trigger any inflammation since it actually contains proteins that regulate the inflammatory response.


Hair Treatment - Before


Hair Treatment - After

Present Delivery System 


  • Using micro-needling technology (MTS), multiple scalp puncturing with appropriate depth followed by application of Exosome to enhance hair retention by infiltrating growth factors, nutrients & immune modulators. This not only improves hair growth, it also helps to heal the scalp from inflammatory skin conditions (psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, scars).



What Is the Exosome Therapy Process? 


By nature, regenerative cells work to repair, heal, stimulate and restore tissues and cells. The hair follicle is vulnerable to miniaturization by hormonal and genetic effects from DHT.

The Exosome’s tiny size allows for simple microneedling (MTS) into the superficial scalp dermis with local anaesthesia. By MTS growth factors and exosomes, it’s been clinically shown to help regrow and regenerate hair as a therapy for loss of hair in both women and men in the earlier hair loss stages.


Number of Treatments


Typically, patients should begin seeing the effects within 6 weeks of the first treatment. Many patients with inflammation scalp condition and thinning hair will see substantial improvement after one treatment.

Since all patients are different, it’s essential you refer to your doctor for the proper treatment plan that will meet your own individual requirements and to see if you’re a good candidate for Exosome.


What to Expect


Dr Juliah will advise about their exact procedures and protocols in preparation of your Exosome treatment. Most individuals go back to normal day-to-day function post-procedure, but it’s suggested you avoid strenuous exercise right after your procedure to allow the treatment to be successful.

Dr Juliah will talk with you about the post-procedure protocol as well as the proper follow-up.

Are you a Good Candidate?

Exosomes can be used in both early and later hair loss stages. Also, it can be used together with hair

transplant or PRP. You may be an ideal candidate for Exosome if:

  • You’ve been told you’re not a good candidate for hair transplant
  • You’re receding or thinning
  • You’re a little hesitant to make a commitment to a hair transplant
  • You have female pattern baldness
  • If you require an additional treatment after hair transplant or PRP
  • You have Traction Alopecia that’s due to thinning (not bald) scalp areas
  • You’re a woman with generalized thinning

Post Care Instructions

  • No strenuous activity 24hrs post treatment
  • May wash scalp/hair after 8-12 hours
  • May start applying Minoxidil foam twice a day after washing (8-12hrs post treatment) if not on oral minoxidil or finasteride.
    (would not recommend this to female)
  • Any further queries please contact Dr. Juliah Tbarani O’Shea

Juliah was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Very happy with the results and would have no problem recommending her to anybody.

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